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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Journals Directory?
    • Journals Directory is a collection of peer reviewed quality control journals that are based on research papers in vast streams of subject areas. The scientific and scholarly journals are comprehensively assembled to widen the choice of authors...
  • How to search a Journal?
    • Searching a journal is available at easy clicks. To get into a refined search panel, first you need to select an area of research or subject discipline in which you wish to search a journal so that we can narrow the search query to that specific area.
  • How to submit an article to a Journal?
    • If you wish to submit an article for publication, you can streamline your journal search, choose the appropriate one and click the ‘Contact Journal’ option to send in details to contact the publisher concerned of the selected journal...
  • How to access any Call for Paper?
    • Call for paper files are free for download. You only need to select one from the Call for Paper list and submit few details including your email ID, upon which you will receive a download link for the selected Call for paper. Once you submit, check your email box...
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